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Maxor Specialty has been providing personalized, best-in-class care to patients with chronic and complex conditions since 1986. Our clinical approach to Specialty Pharmacy applies to all disease states we serve, and is complemented by a “Center of Excellence” approach for rare and orphan diseases.

We help you manage the growing specialty cost trend and our tenured clinical coordinators and pharmacists make it simple.

Full Spectrum Patient Management

We manage and care for the whole patient, not just the condition. Our clinicians provide comprehensive, high-touch service to patients, developing one-on-one relationships to help assure adherence to treatment and best clinical outcomes. Maxor's clinical analysis team evaluates adherence rates, gaps in care, and identifies intervention opportunities to better manage the patient and their condition while driving a positive overall experience.

We truly care about our patient’s therapy journey. We put patients in our care not in our queues. Our high-touch differentiators include:

Clinical Support

  • Dedicated and readily available clinical staff with unmatched experience to answer any questions.
  • Subspecialty clinical expertise collaborating with major teaching hospitals and practices nationwide.
  • Targeted educational materials to engage and inform patients about their treatment and increase adherence.
  • Customized reports available at no charge.

Personalized Service

We emphasize the patient experience, provider support and clinical outcomes.

  • Pharmacists are available immediately upon receipt of an inbound call.
  • Case Managers are assigned individual patients so outbound counseling and refill reminder calls are always made by the same representatives, allowing our patients to “get to know us”.
  • Our engagement approach results in a 98% member satisfaction rate.

Prior Authorization Assistance

Affordability from both the patient and payer perspective is of incredible importance. We ensure every patient is evaluated for affordability concerns and offered financial assistance.

  • Coordinate and assist PA as needed and according to plan design.
  • Tailored use of manufacturer assistance programs according to the plan’s directions.

Prompt Delivery

  • Overnight delivery, tracking, and verification.

Integrated Medical and Pharmacy Benefits

  • National medical and pharmacy contracts.
  • Reimbursement specialists experienced in both medical and pharmacy billing requirements to ensure accurate coding translation–conversion of J codes, HCPCS codes, and NDC numbers.

We collaborate with patients, caregivers, and providers to help increase compliance rates and help reduce specialty costs.

To include Maxor Specialty as a network pharmacy provider or a preferred provider to your managed care organization, click here or call (806) 324-5553.

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